Musical Compositions by Emily Feldberg.

The Amnesty Cantata
A composition for SATB Choir , orchestra or piano and baritone solo

The Amnesty Cantata was Emily's first commissioned work and was inspired by the vibrant local Amnesty group and the wealth of musical talent in the area.

The Cantata is in five sections, with words by Emily except where she has used the words of Amnesty prisoners themselves. It juxtaposes the cry of the incarcerated prisoner ('the door slams and there is Silence' with the people's decision whether or not to write an Amnesty letter ('Will I, would I, could I?'). Following 'Pen paper and envelope' the results of this action are shown in the baritone solo aria 'It supressed our suffering' where the words are those of a released prisoner. The concluding chorus with all performers uses Desmond Tutu's words 'Goodness is stronger than evil'.


Soloist: The door slams and there is ...Silence
Choir: Silence, Silence, nothing there, just pure solitude
Soloist: Isolation invades the mind,
Desolation destroys the soul
Choir and soloist: Silence, silence, nothing there just pure solitude
My name is one of thousands, my country could be yours
My language universal, used to defend a cause
Soloist: The door slams and there is.. Silence

Would I.

Choir: Would I, could I,will I will I? Will I write a letter
I'll send a letter, I'll send a card
I'll send an email and fill it with words
You are not alone
Soloist: A letter... A letter... A letter... Breaks the silence
A letter, a card, a single note
Sent by a stranger, sent by a stranger
Letters are noted, letters are seen
They show the world is watching, they show concern is real
Choir: You are not alone

Pen, Paper and Envelope
This concludes with the soloist singing; "They would and they will defend people"
(Words of Igor Sutyagin, a released Amnesty adopted prisoner, speaking after his release).

Choir: Pen,paper and envelope
Old fashioned weapon of words
Cards, candles and emails
Modern day ploughshares from swords
Soloist: They would and they will defend people

It Supressed our Suffering
(Words of Dr Honor Uthman Salah, wife of an Amnesty adopted prisoner).

Soloist: A letter broke the silence
It suppressed our suffering and swept fallen tears from our cheeks

Goodness is Stronger than Evil
(Words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu on his retirement).

Choir and soloist: Goodness is stronger than Evil
Love is stronger than hate
Light is stronger that darkness
Life is stronger than death

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